“ iPhone is not available. Please reconnect the device”— Error for Xcode 12 onwards

If you are on iOS 14 and using Xcode 12 & above. You might get this error message —

If you have tried restarting the device and reconnecting and nothing seems to fix it. Follow the following steps below to solve this issue.

  • Xcode 12 includes SDKs for iOS 14 as mentioned on the release notes here you must update to the beta version if you wish to deal with iOS 14
  • Xcode 12 does not support the new iOS 14.1 , updating to Xcode 12 beta might fix the issue
  • Switch to build over wifi — Wireless debugging for ios
  • If you are on iOS 14 and Xcode 11.5, removing the device and add it again.
  • If you are connecting it with a cable, clean build folder, run it on simulator then run it again immediately on your phone.
  • If you are using it without a cable, make sure the wifi connection is exactly the same on both your pc and your phone or turn personal hotspot on your phone and connect your pc to the hotspot to make sure they’re using the exact same connection.
  • Restarting the Mac Restarting Xcode. Re-attaching iPhone. Restarting iPhone.

If your iPhone iOS version is later than xCode device support, so should download files device support from this site. Whenever this error occurs, either your Xcode version or iPhone version isn’t working together. You will have to update one or the either or both.

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