Benefits of using AWS Amplify with Mobile Technology

AWS Amplify has the following Advantages –

  • Continuous Delivery with AWS Amplify Framework using Amplify CLI .
  • AWS Amplify ties together tried and tested AWS services, presenting them in one adaptable and easy-to-use toolset.
  • We will use a Command Line Interface (CLI) which will make development with complex tasks.
  • It has a serverless framework using CLI Plugins. AWS SAM doesn’t have plugins support right now. But with Amplify plugins you can add commands or extensions. These extensions can affect most of the functionalities that Amplify uses
  • The Simplicity and scalability of the LSDK will be increased by using AWS Amplify.
  • AWS Amplify will make our framework Production Ready. Amplify doesn’t just have to be for prototyping/bootstrapping, AWS’ proven track record in delivering fast, scalable infrastructure means that you can just extend any prototype
  • Additionally, the Amplify development team are very active and responsive on GitHub, questions are answered, bugs are addressed quickly, and new versions are released almost bi-weekly.

The Use Cases using AWS Amplify are

  • For most AWS Amplify use cases the cost is zero , impressive free tiers offer multiple benefits. Only when you reach highly technical requirements would you need to step up to a paid tier.
  • AWS Amplify reduces costs and accelerates development.
  • The best feature of Amplify in my opinion is the multi-environment setup. This enables developers to switch environment contexts as easily as they switch git branches. This feature allows developers to modify/remove services in a sandboxed environment before pushing to production. We can easily incorporate it into our CI/CD pipeline, meaning that environment changes can be deployed automatically once configuration changes have been made and committed.
  • AWS Amplify has the following inbuilt features that it takes care of itself
  • Authentication — using AWS COGNITO

Cognito login services

  • Allows user sign-up, sign-in and access control. It is highly customisable user management and authentication system. Cognito supports OAuth 2.0, SAML 2.0, and OpenID connect. It also supports multi-factor authentication (MFA) and time-based one time passwords (TOTP), adding an extra layer of security. is providing the unique identity Id (for the device, not really the user) and generates the required temporary, limited-privilege AWS credentials used by the AWS SDK to sign requests to AWS services.
  • Cognito provides the unique identity Id (for the device, not really the user) and generates the required temporary, limited-privilege AWS credentials used by the AWS SDK to sign requests to AWS services.
  • Offline data synchronisation & Storage— APPSYNC
  • Analytics
  • Testing ( using AWS Device Farms checkout my post for more details)
  • Push Notifications
  • API Local Mocking and Testing
  • Cleaning the AWS Account
  • Easier Integration with mobile applications
  • Cloning of your project on GitHub
  • For running AWS Amplify , simply run Amplify Push, and Amplify will create a DynamoDB database, create resolvers, and setup your endpoints. It will then also prompt you to generate all your API queries, mutations, and subscriptions, and generate an API file which you can include in your application.
  • The Amplify package includes EC2, a server for the code to sit on, AWS gateway API and Amazon S3. This data storage service allows developers to input code for the app.
  • AWS Amplify is Amazon’s API and data service both . It supports both GraphQL and REST endpoints, backed by NoSQL or Relational databases, or custom APIs. Cognito integration makes it very easy to lock down endpoints, even allowing granular user or role based field access.

AWS Amplify provides an Excellent Architecture .

The following representations show the upgraded architectural changes that would take place using AWS Amplify –

  • Mobile App Architecture Without AWS
  • Current Mobile App Architecture
  • AWS Amplify in Mobile App Architecture

Thanks for reading folks ! You can decide if AWS Amplify is the thing for you in the coming future or if you would like to migrate from other platforms to the AWS family.

If you already are a part of it, then moving code to AWS Amplify should be seamless !

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