The latest update to Apple’s mobile operating system is underway, and users can expect to see some heavily anticipated features once it rolls out. The newest iteration of iOS 14.5, will include updated privacy measures, the ability to use Face ID to unlock your iPhone while wearing a mask and 5G support.

As per Apple’s privacy principles Apple believes that privacy is a fundamental human right. They design their products and services guided by our four key privacy principles:

Data Minimization

User Transparency and Control

On-Device Processing

Security Hardware and software

User Privacy and Data Use

In order to submit new apps and app updates…

If you are on iOS 14 and using Xcode 12 & above. You might get this error message —

If you have tried restarting the device and reconnecting and nothing seems to fix it. Follow the following steps below to solve this issue.

  • Xcode 12 includes SDKs for iOS 14 as mentioned on the release notes here you must update to the beta version if you wish to deal with iOS 14
  • Xcode 12 does not support the new iOS 14.1 , updating to Xcode 12 beta might fix the issue
  • Switch to build over wifi — Wireless debugging for…

While the old is certainly being replaced, we still need to develop with these slow speeds mind. Catering to a mobile environment means, whenever possible, limiting data being sent to the bare minimum. In order to circumnavigate high latency and low throughput scenarios, and to optimize for general mobile use cases, there are several things developers can do to tweak the way their API behaves.

Merge Responses

Don’t provide entities the way they are structured on the backend — focus on balancing simplicity and complexity, and scale your API response to only what the user is intending to display. …

Apple continues to take user privacy seriously

With the launch of iOS 14, a lot of privacy changes have been made to the iOS platform as Apple has emphasized on the need for a total and complete transparency for the user.

Checking for App Permissions

So for starters, when downloading an app, the App Store listing will show which permissions the app will request.

App developers will now have to declare the data they collect. …

Apple has announced a new feature for iOS 14 called “App Clips,” which surfaces information from relevant apps throughout the ‌iOS 14‌ interface, without needing to download an entire app. Apple described App Clips as a “small part” of an app designed to be discovered the moment it is needed.

An App Clip launches instantly and offers some of its associated app’s functionality to users who don’t have the full app installed. It is a lightweight version of your app that offers some of its functionality where and when people need it. They can be used by multiple businesses.

Increase your testing capacity by using real iOS and Android devices


AWS Device Farm is a convenient method of testing your apps without the hassle of live testing or testing your app on varied devices with a testing team. AWS provides this excellent facility to do multiple stages of testing without the need or reason to manage your testing yourself. Below, I have tried to outline AWS Device Farm’s implementation and requirements for testing mobile apps by gathering information from various sources.

These changes give end-users more transparency and control

iOS 13 introduces a number of changes in how developers are able to use user locations. It introduced four major changes: 1. an “allow once” option, 2. changes to background permission prompts, 3. improved background location transparency, and 4. a changed “always allow” option.

You can learn more about these changes in this WWDC video.

1. “Allow Once”

Prior to iOS 13, there were two location permissions: When In Use (foreground) and Always (background). iOS 13 introduces a third option: Allow Once. The “Allow Once” option is considered a temporary authorization, with the app prompting again the next time it’s opened. …

The UIApplication background task mechanism allows you to prevent your app from being suspended for short periods of time. While the API involved is quite small, there’s still a bunch of things to watch out for:

  • The name background task is somewhat misappropriate. Specifically, beginBackgroundTask(expirationHandler:) doesn’t actually start any sort of background task, but rather it tells the system that you have started some ongoing work that you want to continue even if your app is in the background. You still have to write the code to create and manage that work. …

Login to iTunes Connect

Go to iTunes Connect, and log in with your developer account. Select “My Apps,” and then click on the + sign on the upper left. From here, choose “Your app.”

Log in to iTunes Connect

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